Saturday, April 28, 2012

Started Creating The User Manual

Today I have decided to start creating the user manual/tutorial. I am done with the first quarter of written documentation. The visual media (screenshots) will be included when I have tested the instructions I have documented, to see if any steps are missing or invalid. After each section of the user manual has been thoroughly reviewed that is when I will add the visual guides. I have decided to wait on creating the video demonstration as that is the easiest part and I don't want to put off the user manual since it is a bit more difficult, I would like to get it done first. Another factor that made me start the user manual was that I want my audience to build confidence, in deciding if they want to purchase the software utility that I have created as the user manual will be freely available to download before purchase. The user manual will be packaged in a PDF(Portable Document Format) file. I use the freely available open source desktop publishing software called "Scribus" to create the user manual. If interested you may find more information about it at this URL:

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